Why perfume smells different to each of us?

A perfume is made by the mixture of many types of oils and solvents. It is estimated that the perfume contains the highest concentration of aromatic oils. The composition and intensities of various natural and synthetic materials decide the different smell of the perfumes. There are so many perfumes available in the market with several types of unusual fragrances that make them very popular perfumes. So, it is a fact that one particular perfume may smell different from another perfume. There are a lot of reasons that why a specific perfume emits the different scent and puts a unique impact on any person. Some of these reasons can be:-


  1. The composition of manufacturing materials – Several perfumes are made by using different concentrations of various materials. Some perfumes contain 10% to 15% of essential oils while other contains 5% to 10% of important oils. Some contain the lesser amount of fruits and flowers such as roses, jasmine, fruits and orange in comparison to other perfumes. Also, they have the different amount of alcohol content present in them that decide the lasting effect of these perfumes. Thus, according to the particular intensity and composition of a material, a perfume smells different.
  2. Variation of receptors – The receptors present in the nose encodes both the quality and odour of any material. These receptors make any particular thing smell good or bad. It is surprising that receptors in the nose vary by 35% in two different people. Also, the number of receptors varies from person to person. The human nose contains about 400 different olfactory receptors that perceive different kinds of smell to different people. Thus, one particular receptor makes a person smell a specific type of steroid as a wonderful sandalwood while others would think it far expensive taste.
  3. The manufacturing country of the perfume – As the same fragrances are manufactured in many different countries and the same brand perfume is available all over the world. But, it ‘s hard to get the same perfume with pure and unique fragrance in every country. So, if you bought your last bottle in Australia, the American version is unlikely to be the same perfume. You must keep a store the next time when you travel across different areas of the world if you want your original scent back.
  4. The old perfumes – These days many types of things are available on sale or at huge discounts so as to attract more and more customers. The perfumes are also one of these things that are available at a fair amount of prices, so a person with fair budget buys these products easily. The reason behind the availability of these perfumes can be due to their more ages or lose their quality. Thus, these old perfumes produce a different smell that is not liked by many persons.
  5. Reformulated Perfumes – This is the information that many people would not be aware of. There are many fragrance industries that reformulate many perfumes and sell them. Among these, some perfumes are Shalimar, Chanel No. 5, etc. Due to this reformulation technique, these newer versions perfumes emit different scents than older versions of these same perfumes. So, in 2012, it is difficult to get the same perfume with the wonderful fragrance that was available in 2011.
  6. The limited edition or damaged perfumes – There are various types of perfumes that are manufactured specially for holidays or warm-weathers. So, these perfumes emit amazing scents only in the seasons for which they are designed. They smell completely different if we use them in cold weathers. Also, there are perfumes that produce unpleasant scents if we use them after their expiration dates. Moreover, there could be some previously opened perfumes that produce the funky smell and are not liked by many persons.


Summing up, several perfumes produce fantastic fragrances and make many persons spellbound and so are very popular these days. These perfumes are used by individuals for increasing adequate freshness that make the environment magnificent for doing work. The noise receptors of many persons make them smell a particular thing so differently. The other reasons behind different scents of perfumes can be their limited-edition or reformulation principle.

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