Prevent Hair Damage When Using a Flat Iron

Hair straighteners are considered those revolutionary devices that are used for getting the desired look and to shape up the hair. These are in high demand, but attention needs to be paid to the fact that if you are using these on a regular basis, then your hair can be severely damaged due to the high temperatures and high heat. The overall health, as well as natural state of the hair fibres, can be permanently damaged. So if you wish to keep your hair silky, radiant and beautiful, then you must read the article and follow the instructions for preventing your hair. You must also use this flat iron for thick hair as it will help you to get better hair growth and results.

hair damage


Before you use a flat iron, you need to ensure that the hair is not wet. You can check the market for some of the models that are designed especially for wet hair. If you want to stop hair damage, then it is better that you dry your hair correctly, and this also gives a better finish to the hair. The flat iron’s heat on damp hair causes damage to the hair cuticles and fibres in the long term. You can use thermal protectors to prevent hair damage from equipment like curlers, dryers and flat irons. You must apply a good amount of protector to avoid weakening and drying of the hair. These will help to style your hair easily. It is important that you distribute the hair protector consistently so that you can cover all the parts correctly. You should be doing this when the hair is wet. HSI is the best company which can help you to get the best professional flat irons.

When you are out there to select a protector it is important that you consider your needs as well as hair type.

Some of the important tips are given below:

  • For thick or curly hair, you need to go for the particular cream formats that provide thermal protection. These will control frizz and also protect your hair.
  • There are thermal protector sprays for straight or fine hair. These can be applied quickly and are perfect for hair that are less dense.
  • The mixed type of hair is fundamentally associated with dry ends and greater fat concentration in the scalp. In this case, foam is the best possible solution as it provides the necessary protection. It can be applied easily to tip, and the other greasy parts can be avoided.

Once you are done with applying the good quality of the heat shield the next big step is to set the flat iron’s temperature for straightening the hair. This will depend largely on the type of hair. But you must always avoid using very high temperature for a very long time. The recommended temperature is generally between 170 to 190 degrees Celsius. You must always keep in mind that you need to maintain a distance of about half an inch from the scalp so that hair root is not burned or damaged.


There is no denying the fact that the excessive usage of the heating devices like flat irons tends to make the hair cuticle weak. This can also lead to damaged and mistreated hair and this is not very desirable. So such devices should never be used on a day to day basis. You can do those parts that require straightening and leave those strands of the hair that do not need styling.


A simple solution is to use the restorative mask on the hair at least once in a week’s time so that your hair is well protected from the harmful effects of heat treatment. You can also go for some of the simple but effective home remedies that make your hair look healthier and beautiful. You must always keep in mind that excessive use of anything is bad. If you use the heating devices in moderation and take proper care then, there will be no problems at all.

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