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With the dawning of 2010, the Grand Mademoiselle anxiously awaits all those discounts on gorgeous shoes, once just out of reach in 2009 and now deliciously affordable. Traditionally, the post-holiday sales are a letdown, mainly because the most stylish shoes are already sold out, and all that’s left is last season’s oft-rifled, passed-over rejects, once trendy and cutting edge, but now woefully passe.

However, the key to making the most out of seasonal discounts is to forget what the trends were (and truth be told, what’s “trendy” is often grossly misunderstood) in favor of focusing on footwear transcendence, eschewing the labels conjured up by those “in the know” (who tend to be so focused on what’s hot now, and so driven by their superiors to conjure up the latest catch phrase to trap us into believing that if we don’t have this shoe immediately, to wear with this outfit to this event, we’re all of us doomed to a lifetime of suffering through our waking fashion lives in purgatory; trapped aimlessly in some circle of fashion hell as the Editors look down on us with pity for our lack of vision).

How misguided the Editors are, poor saps, for believing that what’s new is what’s best, and for denying the possibility of a visionary, post-trend renaissance among the style mavens who would rather find their own way in the fashion forests, looking more like icons and less like paid advertisements for the latest runway concoction. Getting cash and other incentives to showcase newborn trends is hardly fashionable, and lately, design houses and stylists seem to have more in common with pharmaceutical companies as the mission statements that once clearly articulated their optimistic ideals are tossed into the shredder. When someone tells you what’s hot right now, ask them who they work for, and who paid for the shoes they’re convincing you to buy.

Forget them, and find yourself a good deal. Here are two that the Grand M intends to take advantage of: Barefoot Tess (a Grand M staple) is offering 30% off all Barefoot Tess brand styles to honor patrons in “appreciation week”, loaded with lovely shoes which reveal that the company has come into their own as far as designing their own brand goes. Simply enter code “BFT30” at checkout to redeem your discount, and might I suggest picking up the following fantastic finds: The All Black for Barefoot Tess ‘Quilted Flat, with its sumptuous satin upper and patent leather cap-toe, replete with a decidedly frayed yet unfussy bow is pure bliss – a fantastic admixture of satiny comfort and coquettish suggestions. Likewise, the All Black for Barefoot Tess ‘Banded Flat, available in a variety of patent leather hues with color-complimentary patent bands across the toe add just the right touch of flair to a sleek pair of black straight leg pants (be they dark-rinse jeans, leggings, or high-waisted, gabardine trousers).

Another fabulous deal awaits the Grand M’s readers at a site dedicated to broadcasting Shoebuy coupon codes and alerting the public to other great discounts. Site owner Beth has neatly categorized savings possibilities into categories, namely, coupons, promo codes, discount items, and free shipping, allowing visitors to find the best of what’s around for a great price on Shoebuy. Access the homepage directly via http://www.shoebuycoupon.net, and peruse the amazing finds Beth has clearly laid out. Check out the coupons page and the promo codes, which are chock full of fantastic finds and remarkable deals.

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