Gold-Plated Art Decoratif

The Grand Mademoiselle has always harbored a secret hatred of studded embellishments, whether on shoes, bags, lapels, what have you. However, there remains a certain intrigue to this style, spawned by the decorative art of the 1920’s, that is both harshly industrial and artistically irreverent. The gilded, art deco appeal of studs currently conveys a lack of originality, yet the Grand M is simply positive that when done right, it’s really right. The key, as with most things fashion, is to keep it simple, unexpected, and well-blended. No black leather bags engulfed by geometric, metal adornments, no jeans with gold studs running up the inseam, no faux leather cuffs crammed with gilded pyramids. In an attempt to get into the swing of the stud, the Grand M has selected a few pieces that work wonderfully together, to be mixed and matched with decidedly un-art deco additions.

Delman has turned out a gorgeous example of how this trend can work successfully with the ‘Ami‘ heel. Fashioned of luxurious black kid suede and resting atop 1.5″ worth of chunky heel, the ‘Ami‘ takes the stud and gives it a good hard shake to knock all the silliness out of it. The lovely rounded toe is elegantly capped with row upon row of tiny golden dots, adding a softer dimension to the triangular studs that wind their way around the rim. Leave it to Delman to make the stud look elegant. This is artful adornment, an homage to a classic design motif, significant to both fashion and architecture, not some punk attempt to exude an edgy ennui.

If you must jazz them up a little, make sure to wear simple clothing and add the jazz in the accessories. Steer clear of studded bags, gloves, or hats, and instead, add a sensual Parisian element with Maison Michel’s breathtaking ‘Sasha multi-strand pearl headpiece, dripping with delicate amber pearls and golden hardware. This headpiece plucks the stud from its modern associations and delivers a ravishing throwback to the roots of art decoratif, exuding the excitement of a fresh burst of style invention.

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