Chic Shoes, Chic Home

Of the numerous fashion burdens plaguing the Grand Mademoiselle, perhaps none is more frustrating than finding a chic way to store so many chic shoes. When the shoes are beautiful, the home decor should be beautiful as well, and that involves finding a way to seamlessly blend your collection with your furnishings. Speaking of chic shoes, here are my latest picks that I desperately need to find a home within my home for:

Quite possibly the most beautiful boot I’ve seen in years, the ‘Lark‘ by Tashkent by Cheyenne has quickly become a staple of my Fall/Winter 2009 wardrobe, and is an absolutely essential investment piece. It seems like everyone is pairing leggings or skinny jeans with tall riding boots or chunky-heeled booties in black or brown, indicating my hesitation to follow the trend. The ‘Lark‘ changed my opinion entirely, and I found a fabulous way to follow the trend by twisting it to become my own. This two-tone boot has a gorgeous, dove gray suede shaft, reaching a remarkable 21″ and a sturdy 1″ heel, but what makes the ‘Lark‘ so spectacularly, ridiculously, mind-blowing is the front-zip, over-the-knee style with a sweet surprise at the top, wherein you’ll discover an adorably unexpected pink posey suede insert. Wear them all the way up, or fold the shaft down to expose the pink lining, and you’ve got two totally different looks. I’ve also fallen in love with the Barefoot TessFabriziaby Faryl Robin. The elfin slip-on style is enchanting, and with three colors to choose from (sasso silver, black, and purple) it’s hard to know which to pick. My personal favorite is the sasso, with its slightly burnished silver metallic leather upper, 2″ hidden wedge, and of course that deliciously deep V cut vamp. I’ll be wearing the ‘Fabrizia‘ with just about everything.

Now the dreaded issue: where do I put them? No sooner had I expressed my frustration then, poof! There it was, an email from Kathy at ShoeStream with a fabulous solution to my problem. While perusing the site, I found the perfect item for my needs. Since I abhor standard shoe storage units (all those ugly plastic boxes, ick), I want something that will serve as a part of my home decor, as a piece of lovely furniture that provides the dual function of storage for my precious shoes and adding to the design and functionality of my home. Problem solved with the ‘Decorative Shoe Storage Bench‘, a richly-hued, deep hardwood masterpiece of fashion and architectural ingenuity. Fabulous. Must have. Deep enough to store a ton of shoes, and amazingly thoughtful by including dual top doors that permit you to sit down on the bench while opening one side at a time. I can see it in my home now, perhaps in the sitting room, casually adorned with splendid pillows and throws.

What pillows you ask? I’m so glad you wondered! Anthropologie is the Grand M’s go-to spot for amazing home decor (if I could pull it off, I would decorate my house with every hanging lamp they sell), and their selection of throw pillows is spectacular. Pick a few in wild patterns and colors to offset the monochromatic bench. Here are my favorites: The ‘Octopus Pillow‘ is Thomas Paul’s unique creation, depicting a mysterious and intriguingly stark black-and-white octopus print on both sides of a 22″ square brown linen pillow. A bit spooky and definitely a good addition to the stern solidity of the storage bench’s clean lines.

Toss some color into the mix with the ‘Orimono Pillow‘, a luscious
melange of unique strips of brightly colored fabrics, each inspired by Japanese yukatas. At 16″ by 22″, it will add a new twist to your collection and dilute the curious, odd quality of the ‘Octopus‘ (plus, it reminds me of the ‘Fabrizia‘ with its oriental quality and lush tones). Finally, mix it up even more with the ‘Wild & Wooly Pillow‘, bewitching with its majestic, monochromatic outline of a powerful deer, leg raised, head poised, antlers up. At 20″ square, the pillow depicts this buck’s bravado as he appears to emerge from a forest of lush, emerald green leaves, pink paisley swirls, odd symbols and numbers, and brightly colored flowers. The Grand M finds this pillow to be the perfect finishing touch to her new shoe bench, and it compliments the other pillows in an odd but surprisingly pleasing way. I can’t wait to look at that buck as I reach in for my TashkentLark‘ boots and imagine chasing him through his colorful paisley forest.

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