Me & My Maloles

The Grand Mademoiselle is a sucker for a high-quality, buttery-soft, rich leather shoe. Give me gentle folds of supple skins over immovable, stain-resistant, nylon and I’m a happy woman. Always in search of the perfect leather shoe, the Grand M can say with confidence that each design put forth by Maloles puts even the best of the rest to shame. Established in 2004, Maloles has earned its way to the top of the Grand M’s “It Shoes” list for its commitment to luxury and comfort, achieved through ‘Sacchetto’ artisan craftsmanship (translation: these shoes fit like a glove). Each piece blends the whimsy of ballet with an unrivaled air of refinement. Add gorgeous accents like cut-outs, gentle pleats, and dainty bows, and you’ve got yourself a truly classic set of shoes. The Grand M simply can’t get enough! Now, thanks to the creative lady-geniuses at Barefoot Tess, Maloles are available up to a size 13. Here are the Grand M’s favorites for Spring 2009:

If you’re looking for a little heel, opt for the kittenish “Zoe” heel in either basic black or this fabulous rosey-gold metallic. The pleated vamp, complete with tiny keyhole cut-out and leather bow, makes the “Zoe” a flirty way to up the dressy ante on an otherwise casual ensemble.

If flats are more your style, pick the Zoe” flat, which carries through all of the lovely accents of the “Zoe” heel and is available in black and robin’s egg blue. In either color, the “Zoe” flat is a wonderful alternative to your run-of-the-mill, been-there-done-that basic old ballet flat. It’s girlish without being childish, and comfortable enough to wear all day. Additionally, the rounded toe is a welcome relief from the sea of silly pointed toe flats that seem to fill the sidewalks and crowd department store windows.

But the real show-stopper, in the Grand M’s opinion, is the “Cornelia” flat in scrunchy, patent navy blue leather. Humbly adorned with no silly vamp details, the “Cornelia” wows from behind with a cheeky surprise, namely, a preppy canvas striped bow on the heel. The Grand M deems the “Cornelia” the “It Shoe” of Spring 2009, and the mixture of simplicity, luxury, and one unique element to add a special twist are key themes for footwear in the coming year. For the Grand M’s smaller-footed friends, visit and pick the “Zoelie” silver metallic flat, with its adorable lace vamp cutout and over-sized whip-stitch bow trim. This is a driving shoe taken to the highest degree, and the Grand M is over the moon for the unexpected lace insert.

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